Deepika Problem For Anushka

By - January 23, 2018 - 09:56 AM IST

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You might have a very good movie in handmade with very high standards but your real success at the box office is possible when you position the release rightly. There are instances wherein deserving movies lost out due to multiple releases happening at the same time. This seems to be the challenge for the awesome beauty Anushka as well.

Apparently, Anushka has been off the radar for quite a while and now she is arriving with the movie ‘Bhaagmathie’ amidst good hype. The release is happening during Republic Day weekend and many were excited but there is one hitch. Even the Bollywood flick ‘Padmavat’ featuring the burgundy eyed beauty Deepika Padukone is arriving the same day.

Under regular circumstances, it would have been different but ‘Padmavati’ has gone through some really crazy times and now it has garnered larger than life image and mileage. Given that, it would be interesting to see how the audience is going to vote. For now, here’s wishing Anushka the best of success for this film.

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