Gossip: Rs 75 Lakh Deal With Film Critic

By - January 24, 2018 - 12:13 PM IST

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Each day when you switch on the TV news channel you will find some or the other controversy and issue happening. The surprising part is, the TV channels make a huge Hungama for about two to three days and suddenly all of them go silent. In this regard, many are saying that money is the answer to all the Hungama.

Akin to that, there are now reports about a film critic and his dealing. Apparently, there is one film critic who has been attacking a star hero continuously. Just a day before the star hero was about to start a new journey as a politician, the deal got closed as the stress was too high. Suddenly white flags started waving.

Reliable sources reveal an amount is involved and they are not sure about how much. One version is that as much as 75 lakhs have been given to the critic to square off things. Meanwhile, the others are all saying this is just gossips which can never be taken seriously. However, the question still remains, how did the issue go silent.