Shocking Reports About Padmavat

By - January 24, 2018 - 12:38 PM IST

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Films facing controversies prior to release and going through hiccups to enter the theatres has happened before but a new record has been set by the Bollywood flick ‘Padmavat’ in this aspect. The film is gearing up to enter the theatres today and yet there is a heated storm of protests across the nation.

Meanwhile, the premieres have taken place and the film critics are already out with their reviews. Well, to say the least, the reports have been quite shocking albeit in a positive sense. Well, the noted critic Taran Adarsh has given a mammoth 4.5 rating which means the film is exceptionally good. But here comes the best part.

Though Taran Adarsh is considered a very pro-industry person, the point to note is, most of the critics have rated the film around 4 and above. This can only be interpreted as the film is going to generate superb reports as soon as the morning show is over. Given the turmoil the team has gone through, ‘Padmavat’ certainly deserves a rousing hit.

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