Hero's Daughter Ready To Take Off

By - January 24, 2018 - 01:11 PM IST

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Unlike Bollywood, the Tollywood circuit has been quite conservative in many aspects and a key segment happens to be the arrival of star kids into cinema especially the girls. For many decades, daughters of film families have stayed away from facing the camera and in a way that kept the coast clear for the non-local beauties.

But now things are changing and few girls are breaking those barriers. The latest in that list happens to be Shivani. She is the daughter of angry star Rajasekhar and Jeevitha. Since the last few months, few film-related events indicated the presence of Shivani and she looked quite promising for a heroine.

Now, her official entry has been locked with a new project that is going to be helmed by debutante Venkat Reddy, a protégé of Mass Nayak V V Vinayak. Shivani is pairing up with the handsome hunk Adivi Sesh and the film happens to be the official remake of the Bollywood hit ‘2 States’. Here’s wishing the best of success to Shivani!

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