Mahesh Kathi To Become Author

By - January 27, 2018 - 05:33 PM IST

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The power of electronic media is such that if they put their focus on you for 3-4 days you become an instant celebrity. Of course, even you must be smart enough to capitalize that and give them what they want. Till recently the name Mahesh Kathi was not heard of but after he took the mantle of attacking power star Pawan Kalyan he became an instant celebrity.

Now, the Pawan Kalyan issue has come to an end with a compromise so some have been thinking Mahesh will get back to his world. However, here is an update from his close circles. It is heard that Mahesh is donning a new avatar, that of an author. He will write books and release it on the market with a new style.

Sources say he may arrange for a stall next year in the Hyderabad International Book Fair. The reviews for the films he wrote will be given in these books. Some of his other books would contain his philosophy on various subjects and his posts on social media. All in all, Mahesh’s entry as an author would be looked forward to by a few.

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