Sundeep's Rajahmundry Business In Telangana

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After becoming a film star your celebrity quotient rises and so does your financial strength. If you are smart you tend to divert those funds into good businesses and build your brand accordingly. Tollywood has many such celebrities doing it and one among them is the young hero Sundeep Kishan. He has ventured into the hospitality industry.

He has opened a restaurant named ‘Vivaha Bhojanambu’ at Jubilee Hills in the heart of Telangana and is now doing a Rajahmundry business. Well, Sundeep has introduced a special beverage called ‘Rajahmundry Vari Rosemilk’ and this happens to be a very famous beverage in Rajahmundry. From his end, Sundeep is doing good promotions for this.

Thanks to his promotion and the brand value attached ‘Rajahmundry Vari Rosemilk’ has become a famous choice for those who are visiting this restaurant and it is doing very well here. Given the fact that there are many who hail from Andhra region in the city, this is giving them a nostalgic feeling. Way to go Sundeep!

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