When Is Devi Shri Prasad's Wedding?

By - January 29, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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If you are an actress you are constantly hounded by gossips related to your affairs, relationships and love stories. If you are an actor you are questioned constantly about your next movie, your personal life etc. and if you are a technician and that too single, the only question that will constantly bombard you is “When is your marriage”.

Tollywood is one place where the list of eligible bachelors is somewhat high and one among them happens to be a rock star, Devi Sri Prasad. This music director has been a crazy sensation not just for Tollywood but also for the Telugu audience. Currently, Devi Sri is ruling the roost with some plum offers in his kitty.

While his professional graph looks solid, many are wondering why he is not marrying. Recently, few media folks tried to put DSP in a tricky spot but it is heard that he smartly came up with a counter in a lighter vein and escaped the situation. As such, it is not sure what Devi is waiting for but so far he has been away from the net called marriage.


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