Prabhas' Saaho In Bollywood Discussions

By - January 29, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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Whether some of you may agree or not there was a time when the south cinema was seen a little lightly by the big Bollywood. That divide was quite visible but eventually, they realized the power of the south cinema and today they are doing their best to embrace it because many things which got imported from here ended up fetching many crores there.

Now, reports from Mumbai reveal several discussions are happening across various Bollywood offices and the only topic is ‘Saaho’ featuring young rebel star Prabhas. Apparently, the discussions are revolving around when is the film coming, what is the shooting status and when are the makers planning to open the doors for business.

All this is happening due to the craze Prabhas got from the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’. Given this kind of situation, it is obvious that the openings will be thumping when the film would be arriving. On the other hand, this only goes to show that release in Hindi is compulsory so let us wish the team of ‘Saaho’ is working in that direction. The fact that the mystic eyed beauty Shraddha Kapoor is the leading lady makes it a more viable product to be released in Bollywood.

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