Lady IAS Inspires Film Writers

By - February 01, 2018 - 03:04 PM IST

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There are many times you come across characters onscreen who remind you of real-life people. There is a good bit of fact in that because real life characters tend to give a strong inspiration to filmmakers. In lieu of that, one lady IAS office is slowly catching the attention of many and that includes even the Tollywood folks.

Her name is Amrapali Kata and she happens to be the collector for Warangal Urban. Sources reveal Amrapali is a rather dynamic lady and she has won the hearts of the Warangal people with her progressive decisions. She is blessed with the right kind of appeal and natural charm along with an iron heart to take people-oriented initiatives.

In something similar, the noted IAS officer Smitha Sabharwal with her elegance and grace has inspired Bhumika’s character in ‘MCA’. Of course, Bhumika is seen as an RTA commissioner but her look came from Smitha. Now, Amrapali has become very popular and sources reveal very soon one film is going to come up with a character that would be inspired by her.