Superstar's Lands In Trouble

By - February 01, 2018 - 02:39 PM IST

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India is one country wherein you can get away with anything if you have the right kind of clout and money power. At the same time, you can also become a soft target if you happen to be a celebrity. Normally the film celebrities become the most targeted given their celebrity status and the amount of publicity it brings.

Right now, the land of one superstar has fallen in the eyes of the IT sleuths. We are talking about the Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan and as per sources from Mumbai, he had purchased a property claiming it as agricultural land but now he has converted it into a plush farmhouse with swimming pool, helipad and luxurious amenities.

The authorities estimated the property worth to be around 75 crores whereas SRK claims it is just 15 crores. Anyhow, the charges of ‘Benami’ have been clamped on King Khan and it is now up to his legal team to deal with the whole issue and resolve it. This incident has given enough fodder for the media folks to have a field time for the next few days.