Touch Chesi Chudu Villain Freddy Daruwala's Interview

By - February 01, 2018 - 08:05 PM IST

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Massmaharaj Ravi Teja's Touch Chesi Chudu is all set for its release. Here is our exclusive interview with the nefarious villain of Touch Chesi Chudu. Winner of Mr. India World pageant and supermodel Freddy Daruwala is all set for his debut in Tollywood. 
Q: How do you feel being in Tollywood? 
A: It is my pleasure. People here are very cool. I enjoyed acting in Touch Chesi Chudu. 
Q: How was it working with Ravi Teja?
A: Ravi Teja is very strict when it comes to working. Otherwise, he is so humble and caring. I like his enthusiasm. 
Q: Your experience with the director?
A: It was an amazing experience on a whole. Vikram Siri guided me well and I am sure about being appreciated by the audience. He is a great visionary and it was lovely working with him. 
Q: How did you grab this chance to act in Touch Chesi Chudu?
A: Director Vikram Siri came all the way to Mumbai. He narrated the script to me and I gave him a nod. He says he is very impressed by my work in the movie 'Holiday'. 
Q: Did you find it difficult with the Telugu language?
A: Yes, initially. Vikram and the other team members supported me. I tried my best. Hope it works well on the screen. 
Q: About your role in Touch Chesi Chudu
A: I play the son of a politician. I've portrayed a nefarious villain. 
Q: What can we expect from Touch Chesi Chudu?
A: Touch Chesi Chudu is a complete commercial movie with all the entertaining ingredients. Emotions, Love, Action.. what not?
Q: Looking forward to acting in more Telugu movies?
A: Absolutely! I hope my work grabs the attention of Tollywood people. I am open to working with Telugu filmmakers. 
Q: Major difference between Tollywood & Bollywood
A: Work is the same. Except for the language, I found nothing that different. Comfortable with both...
Q: Any exclusive update or a sneak peek about Race-3 for iQlikmovies?
A: Haha... We have wrapped up one schedule and all set to start the next one in March. I am very excited. 
Q: About your co-actor Salman Khan
A: He's very cool. A great man to work with (especially for the fitness freaks like me). He takes care of his co-actors and he is really warm.
Interviewer: It was so good to have a brief chit-chat with you. All the very best for your debut in Telugu. Looking forward to watching you on the screen in Touch Chesi Chudu. 
Freddy Daruwala: Thanks a lot. It was a cool interview. Do watch the movie Touch Chesi Chudu at the theaters. Bye. 

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