Pawan Kalyan's Jandhyam Secret

By - February 09, 2018 - 10:21 AM IST

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Ever since the movie ‘Agnyaathavasi’ came out, more than the film it was power star Pawan Kalyan’s Jandhyam which became a topic of discussion. Many were wondering why was Pawan wearing that holy thread because it is normally worn by the Brahmins and Vysyas. Well, here is the answer to the secret.

We had already hinted that it was director Trivikram Srinivas’s influence which made Pawan follow Brahmanism. It is heard that the power star is sticking to vegetarianism, doing early morning Sandhya Vandanam. As such, for doing Gayatri Mantram, ‘Upanayanam’ is mandatory so Pawan reportedly got that done through one Guruji and is performing Sandhya Vandanam every day.
At the same time, the Jandhyam should be worn to the person either by his father or someone equivalent to that level but Gurus also can do that. This Jandhyam was also revealed during some of Pawan’s meetings and that’s how the whole story has come out. As such you can change religions but changing castes is not there. At the same time, as many say Hinduism is a way of life and anybody can take any path. That freedom is there and hence Pawan has done that and became a Brahmin technically.

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