Samantha Knows How To Shut Trolls

By - February 10, 2018 - 06:51 PM IST

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Sometimes, whatever the celebrities do, becomes a point of discussion for the folks. Amidst the adoration and the hatred, we all forget that the celebrities are also human beings like us. They have their own priorities and they chose to live how they want.

Samantha Akkineni who is a top heroine of Telugu cinema posted a super sexy picture of her in a bikini. Though there is no vulgarity in the picture, it sure does draw people's attention. In this frame of context, Samantha was subjected to weird comments after she posted the picture.

Samantha is one of the celebrities who is frank enough to give her opinions, shut the comments in her style. Her bikini picture was followed with a strong quote in which she wrote, "Well.. now I had to go and put up a quote..because my previous post didn't really scream 'I WRITE MY RULES, YOU SHOULD WRITE YOURS!'.

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