Hero Of The Year 2018 Announced

By - February 10, 2018 - 03:23 PM IST

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We have just entered the second month of the year 2018 and normally we tend to have a review of who is the most promising and performing artist at the end of the year. However, one hero has lined up few projects in such a way that he has been chosen as the hero of 2018 unanimously across all the industries.

He is none other than charming star Akshay Kumar and this Bollywood hero clinched this rare honor because he is riding with 700 crores worth business. Akshay has a total of five films releasing this year and the total business put together for all these movies comes to Rs 700 crores which is a rare and phenomenal feat.

One among those projects happens to be ‘2.0’ which eats the lion’s share because it has already made a business of 400 crores. At the moment, Akshay has arrived with his first ‘Padman’ which is already garnering rave reviews and is expected to breach the 100 crores mark easily. That way, Akshay is certainly an inspiration to many big heroes.

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