Heroine Diluting Pawan's Image?

By - February 10, 2018 - 03:52 PM IST

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Though the film industry works in a very democratic environment there is also a hidden protocol where seniority and stardom exist which needs to be given its due importance. Hence, you find the layers of superstars, tier two artists, and tier three artists. In Tollywood, power star Pawan Kalyan is the number one hero.

Given his mania and following, it would take ages for any other hero to reach that range. In lieu of that, if Pawan has done something any other lesser grade individual doing that would only mean diluting his image. At least that is the opinion being expressed by many after hearing about this latest news.

Apparently, Pawan delivered a speech last year at the Harvard School in England and now it is heard that the milky thigh beauty Taapsee is going to do the same. With this, some are saying if another heroine does that it would dilute his image. As such, not much buzz was made about Pawan’s speech but some are saying it doesn’t really matter because he is any day leagues above the rest.

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