Tollywood Heroes Behind That Girl

By - February 16, 2018 - 10:08 AM IST

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Call it the power of social media or the mere stroke of luck but you never know when you might be spotted in the online world and you can end up becoming a celebrity. The name Priya Prakash Warrier was just among the list of actresses who are currently aspiring to grow big in the Mollywood circuit.

However, all it took was just a clip from a song that she featured and that one minute clip has changed her whole life. Priya Prakash Warrier has become an overnight sensation and everyone is going bonkers over her wink and smile in that clip. As expected, even the Tollywood heroes got latched onto this clip.

Reports are now arriving that some of the agents from Tollywood have already landed up at Priya’s door and are offering her juicy projects. For now, Priya is the most talked about girl across India so it is now key for her to play her cards carefully. If she can choose some worthy projects she will become a big league heroine very quickly.

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