Shocking Reason Behind Pawan Kalyan's Gesture

By - March 17, 2018 - 02:41 PM IST

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To those of you who have been craving to see power star Pawan Kalyan as much as you can, those worries can be rested. Pawan has joined politics, found a party called Jana Sena and from now on, he is going to be seen every day on the TV channels. Recently, Pawan held his official public meeting related to his party.

While he gave an explosive speech which has brewed into a major controversy and shocked a big political party, there were those who were observing something else. Well, it was Pawan’s body language while delivering his speech. With his hands behind his back in ‘stand at ease’ position, he was in full momentum.

Incidentally, this body language has a shocking reason. The charismatic Cuban leader Che Guevara used to stand in a similar way when he was delivering speeches. It is known that Pawan is a big admirer of Che and has those leftist ideologies too. So, it appears that Che Guevara is being imitated by our power star.

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