NTR's Title- Gollabhama

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The hottest and latest controversy that is currently making rounds in the Tollywood circuit is about the word ‘Gollabhama’. Well, one community is hitting the roof citing this word has hurt their sentiments very badly and it should be removed from the song featuring in the movie ‘Rangasthalam’.

The controversy has taken a new turn with logic director Sukumar clearly explaining the meaning of this word and reiterating the word will not be replaced. While the community is making a mountain out of a molehill, few intellectuals are drawing their attention to one interesting thing.

Apparently, during the black and white era, one movie came with the great N T Rama Rao as the hero and it was titled as ‘Gollabhama’. It became a blockbuster hit with an avalanche of collections. From an era where people were matured enough to understand cinema as a medium of entertainment, we have reached an era where people simply want to exploit cinema for their vested interests. What a shame!

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