Who Is The Life Of Rangasthalam?

By - March 19, 2018 - 09:32 AM IST

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A movie is a collective effort of professionals who hail from the 24 crafts of cinema but then the key contribution comes from one or two individuals which change the whole impact and aura. The same is being discussed about the new movie ‘Rangasthalam’ which is creating quite a big buzz even before its release.

At this point in time, all are pointing their fingers towards rockstar Devi Sri Prasad. It is known that DSP has already given chartbusters in this movie and hence all are saying DSP is the life for ‘Rangasthalam’. Well, here is another inside update. It is heard that the dynamic music director has also rocked with the background score.

For any film, if the music and songs shape well, it elevates the range to a new dimension and ensures the film becomes a big success. That way, DSP seems to have done a fabulous job for this project and has once again reiterated his position as the number one music director in the industry. The film is hitting screens this 30th.