Mixed Response On Anasuya's Look

By - March 19, 2018 - 09:23 AM IST

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As you keep watching an actress in a particular image and she sets her glamour quotient at a particular frequency, it gets hard to imagine her in any other avatar. However, that doesn’t mean the actress cannot attempt roles which challenge her as a performer. It all boils down to how the audience will receive these attempts though.

For a long time, the seductively charming Anasuya has imprinted a very hot image among her admirers and every now and then she ups the temperature by coming up with glamorous photoshoots. Now, her new attempt seems to be evoking mixed reactions. We are talking about Anasuya’s look in her new movie ‘Rangasthalam’.

This was unveiled yesterday and many are finding it hard to see Anasuya in a deglam look and that too with a lot of rural belle shades. Her character is called Rangammaattha and it is heard that she has few important scenes with mega power star Ram Charan. Well, the look has not scored well so let us see if this can be covered with her characterization then.
What is your opinion of Anasuya's look in Rangasthalam? Did you like it? Yes Or No? 

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