Suicidal Tendencies Among Film And TV Celebs

By - April 04, 2018 - 11:31 AM IST

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As much as there is glamour and glitz in the entertainment industry, there is also a dark side which only those who are deep in it know. It is true that success and fame can earn a lot of wealth and fan following but the percentage of those who actually make it to that level is quite measly. The constant failures lead to depression and frustration.

Those who can withstand get worn out and those who cannot end up consuming their lives. Lately, a lot of suicidal tendencies have been noticed among the film and TV celebrities. As such, a major percentage of the entertainment industry folks have insecurities towards life and job hence the suicidal tendencies take the front seat.

We have already seen how the likes of Uday Kiran, Ranganath, Vijay Sai and others committed suicide. The latest victim in that list is the TV anchor Radhika Reddy who was going through quite a bit of stress, as per sources. Perhaps the concerned associations can work something out to ensure there is a way everyone gets a chance.