Tollywood Octopus Tummalapalli Ramasatyanarayana

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We all know that octopus is an eight-armed mollusk which has a soft body and is found deep in the ocean. Given that, what is the need for an Octopus here? Well, here are the details. During the World Cup Football time, there was an octopus which was predicting which team will win and most of the time, its predictions worked.

Since then, the noted politician Lagadapati Rajagopal was called an Octopus because he used to predict who will win elections through his own form of exit poll surveys. Now, another Octopus has emerged and this one is in Tollywood. At least that’s what the close circle of the noted producer Tummalapalli Ramasatyanarayana calls him.

It is heard that whenever a movie releases, Ramasatyanarayana will keep giving the prediction about its results and almost 95 percent of the time, his prediction turns out to be true.  After seeing the success rate, his close circle is now calling him the Tollywood octopus and some have started calling him to find out the fate of their movies.


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