Late Actor Dragged Into Sri Reddy Controversy

By - April 11, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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These days the moment you hear the word controversy you can only think of one person, it is Sri Reddy. Since the last few weeks, she has been climbing onto every TV news channel and dragging the entire Tollywood circuit onto the roads with her unabated allegations and damning. This seems to have inspired few other strugglers too.

Recently the senior film actress Apoorva who has done few vamp roles was brought in a discussion related to Sri Reddy. Sharing her thoughts, she revealed about one big person and though she didn’t take the name first, eventually she blurted it was the late AVS. Apoorva said, “He used to take lady actress to foreign countries but there is a clause.”

She reportedly added “Only those who were friendly with him used to get the chance like that. Are the other actresses from MAA not eligible?” Thanks to Sri Reddy, every other person is now coming out and trying to create a ruckus. In the bargain, even those who are dead are being brought back to life for the wrong reasons, shameful but true!

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