Daggubati Abhiram & Sri Reddy Sexual Exploitation Case

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Actress Sri Reddy who staged a nude protest in front of the Film Chamber seems like she has intensified her deeds. After the Movie Artists Association (MAA) banned Sri Reddy, it appears Sri Reddy’s moves have taken her to new heights of fame and attention.

Sri has been claiming that she was sexually exploited by some of the Tollywood bigwigs. On all the debates and live shows, Sri Reddy was constantly told that she was harassed and used. She even leaked some of the pictures quite before only.

Though Sri Reddy leaked some of the chats and pictures which she claims as the proofs, no one from the industry seems to be responding. Sri Reddy who seems to be desperate at this moment, broke the ice and openly revealed the name of a bigwig who is from a very strong background in the industry.

The pictures which were blurred even after the leaks are now out with full clarity. The person Sri Reddy is claiming to have sexually harassed her is Abhiram Daggubati. The pictures of them partying around and hanging out privately are out now. She also openly told in a live debate yesterday. Seems like the things are getting worse day-by-day. 

The media and the netizens seem to be very prompt to react to these things happening. While some media houses are giving exclusive covering on the issue, Sri Reddy's name has reached the national media. Some of the Telugu websites are giving instant updates and hints that the list of the people involved in this scandal is very long, while some are wondering when these things will come to an end.

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