Film Guys! Keep Away From Drink Parties

By - April 14, 2018 - 04:18 PM IST

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It is a culture in the film industry to have a lot of partying and every now and then many young heroes tend to be part of it. As such, these parties work for them because it is a good platform for networking and building relations which eventually converges into opportunities in movies and some steady career. However, the case in Tollywood is different.

The cine seniors are now advising that the film guys should stay away from attending after parties and socializing for some time. It is natural that once you visit such parties, you take some selfies and that moment of excitement something happens which eventually ends up becoming a rope that tightens your neck.

One needs to be careful about who they are hobnobbing and what they are doing or else the Sri Reddy type of issues will happen and cause havoc. That’s why the film guys are being told strongly to focus on their work and get back home once it is done. Many celebrities are currently rattled with the Sri Reddy episode and decided to follow this advice.  

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