EXPOSED:Mahesh Kathi Forces Sex , But Gives Gyan!

By - April 14, 2018 - 06:07 PM IST

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We are all aware of the fact that 'Casting Couch' prevails in Tollywood. Sri Reddy's whole episode did one good thing to the industry, that is made everyone realize that there are bugs who exploit women sexually in the name of 'offers'.

During the whole episode of Sri Reddy's case, the TV channels played a crucial role. However, all the media channels together were in the support of Sri Reddy even without giving clarity about the facts. No claim was properly proved, for unknown reasons. There were no defamation cases against the allegations too.

But, the worst part is the media always called MR. Mahesh Kathi to give his opinions on CASTING COUCH when he is involved in the same. There are a number of allegations on Mahesh Kathi that he offers women roles in movies and use them for his sexual intentions.

Well, we all know how big filmmaker is Kathi. He has hardly made any impact in the Film Industry. But, ya! Which vessels make more noise?

A woman came upon a live debate and confronted Kathi claiming that he raped her and used her sexually. She also went on and said, "I am ready to submit all the proofs. He called me to come to his residence soon after 'Bigg Boss' elimination. He locked me in a room and had forced sex. When I started talking loudly, he gave me Rs.500 to keep calm and go home. I was helpless".

All these days, this molester sat in the studios giving Gyan about the casting couch and women exploitation, when he himself is one of the bugs who exploit women. Don't know why the media people and well-experienced journos opt him and take his opinions!! This is how the main cause is misleading. While hundreds of cases are being unheard, such misleading stunts by the media people will only affect the authenticity of the issue. While eating chicken, someone preaches about animals being killed is nothing but irony.

For a moment, let us even think in this way. Suppose that Kathi is not involved in any of the allegations above. But, why is he being considered for everything that happens in the industry? Aren't there people who can talk and make more valid points which might help in resolving the issues related to women in TFI? What did Kathi do to be termed or to be considered as an influential person whose opinions will be taken? Oh, sorry! Ya he is just a controversial person who can sit for hours in the studios, right? That qualification is enough for these people to take his opinions. 

The media needs to do proper homework before bringing someone's opinions in such matters because these issues need to be addressed in a right way to find proper and permanent solutions.

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