TRS And TDP Are Against Film Industry?

By - April 17, 2018 - 01:19 PM IST

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We have often mentioned about the nexus between the cinema industry and politics and how it runs deep. The hobnobbing between the cine celebrities and the political bigwigs is frequent but it appears that when the real situation comes, the political folks don’t hesitate to take a stand that is quite beneficial to them. Here is a gist of what is happening.

Since the last few weeks the Sri Reddy issue has been plaguing the Tollywood circuit and it is only making things go from bad to worse everyday. At a time when the cine folks are looking towards the government it is being noticed that the TRS government is not shown any signs of resolving this issue and has maintained a stoic silence.

The situation in Andhra Pradesh is more contrasting on a negative tone. The TDP party has strongly condemned what is happening and not stopping at that, few leaders are threatening that if proper support is not given to the likes of Sri Reddy and others, they will grab the lands of the wealthy celebrities. Sad but true!

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