Big Experiment With Nani

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Once you start proving yourself as a credible performer you can rest assured that filmmakers would be motivated to come up with roles that challenge your versatility. Of course, Tollywood has just one or two of such heroes who can really pull the audience to theatres with their various offerings. Top of that list is Natural Star Nani.

Despite coming up with predictable and routine content, Nani has been able to draw the audience purely through his mettle of acting. Given that, you can imagine what will happen when he decides to do something really experimental. Taking cognizance of that, reports reveal Nani has okayed one particular project with an unconventional filmmaker.

The news is that Nani would be working with the out of the boxing director Vikram K Kumar and this is touted to be a thriller whose plot will be innovative like Vikram’s movie ‘24’. Prior to that, Nani has got his multi-starrs alongside ‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna whose shooting is progressing briskly. Vikram’s movie is certainly a big experiment so let us see how this works.

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