Pawan Kalyan's Bandh In Delhi?

By - April 18, 2018 - 10:21 AM IST

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As we move forward, the context in which we will speak about power star Pawan Kalyan would be more in lines with political things than film things. After establishing Jana Sena, Pawan bid adieu to movies and is concentrating on politics. As part of that, he is doing quite a bit regarding the Special Status issue which is haunting the state of Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources, Pawan is reportedly planning to call for a Bandh of Delhi to demand Special Status. Intelligence teams reveal they would be arresting those who are starting from various parts of Andhra Pradesh to Delhi once the announcement is made. So, the big question is, can Pawan really cause a Bandh in Delhi?

If he is really able to pull this off, he will become a very big leader at national level overnight and the entire nation’s focus would be on him. At a time when Pawan has to prove not just to the Telugu people but to himself as a leader, nothing can be better than this. Here’s wishing Pawan the best of success.

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