Tammu's Tantrums Is The Reason?

By - April 19, 2018 - 06:55 PM IST

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We often hear about how certain heroines and actress tend to throw their starry airs on the sets and the teams just go along with all these tantrums because they cannot afford to miss the schedules as it is planned with a lot of effort and factors. However, there are times when the tantrums hit the roof and tick the producers.

The latest gossip making rounds are about the Telugu version of the Bollywood hit ‘Queen’. This had the milky white beauty Tamannaah stepping into the shoes of the curly haired cutie Kangana Ranaut. The film was to be helmed by the National Award winner Neelkantha and it is being made in all the four languages of the south.

However, the latest update coming up is that the Telugu version has been shelved and the reason for that is the over interference of Tammu. Buzz is that the pretty girl has already clarified she is not responsible but unit members and production team have a different view. Whether this is true or not, one truth is, Neelkantha has quit the Telugu version and directing the Malayalam version.