I would rather die: Pawan Kalyan's Emotional Response

By - April 20, 2018 - 01:14 AM IST

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It is now an open secret about Sri Reddy and her protest which lost its reason after she brings in some personal abuses on Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan. Ram Gopal Varma who confessed that he was the one who literally pushed Sri Reddy to abuse and target Pawan Kalyan personally.

Pawan Kalyan's recent tweets show how much all these things have hurt him in person. In a series of tweets, Pawan Kalyan mentioned that he is now ready to die, after seeing how low the people around him have become in the crave of his defamation. He quoted his emotional messages saying, "If I cannot defend the honor of my mother I better die".

"I have decided that I need to be ready for anything that will come in my way. If I die, I will at least be happy that I have done good and stood along with some people in their difficult times. To target my mother who has done no bad to anyone is not a right thing. By provocating someone to abuse her, by repeatedly telecasting those abuses, and by debating on this, you people are no lesser than the rapists who killed Asifa", PK stated.

"Before becoming an actor or a political party leader, I am a mother's son first. As a son.. If I could not safeguard the honor of mother I better die than live", Pawan Kalyan's emotional statement conveys.

It is indeed very difficult to face such situations. As there are claims that Pawan Kalyan is subjected to such humiliation as per the leading political parties' strategies. He might be a ferocious leader, but still a son of his mother. He is a human being before all and has emotions. How far is this right thing to pull someone's family and personal lives for no valid reason? Why is there no justice done?

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