Is Pawan Doing Mistake Targeting Media?

By - April 23, 2018 - 10:30 AM IST

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The Sri Reddy issue started off on one note and ended up getting into another. Right now, the fight looks between Pawan Kalyan and TV news channels. It is known that Pawan has been targeting media channels in a bold and open way and though many are surprised at this, some say there is a strategy involved in the whole operation.

As such, TV9, ABN, Mahaa News are very popular channels. By getting into a tiff with them, it doesn’t make a difference to Pawan because they are known as Pro TDP channels and will anyhow not give Pawan any importance. By having a fight with them, Pawan would break the strong belief that nobody survives after messing with media.

There are also reports that Pawan seems to be going with his close circle’s advice on this. However, the effectiveness of this strategy will be known based on the result. If he gets a positive result in elections, all will say Pawan is a daring fellow who created history by declaring war on media. If it goes wrong they will say by messing with media he ended up like this. Hence, the end result qualifies the act.

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