RGV Sidelined By Pawan Kalyan

By - April 23, 2018 - 10:17 AM IST

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Luck, this is something most needed in everyone’s lives and each individual has got a certain percentage of that in his/her life. While that is one side, there are those handfuls of individuals who are so blessed with luck that they get away with just about anything. The eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is one classic example.

He has been in the midst of the thickest of controversies and has come out of them without a scratch. The same has happened again. It is known that mega mastermind Allu Aravind blasted RGV regarding the Sri Reddy-Pawan Kalyan issue and the latter apologized too. At this point, many declared RGV is finished.

However, Pawan Kalyan came up with a set of tweets not making any mention of RGV. There are two reasons- the situation has taken a completely political turn and those who are responsible for this issue such as Ravi Prakash, Srini Raju are being targeted. Secondly, Pawan is countering tweets by others. Buzz is that Pawan’s close circles have advised this. Whether this is true or not, Pawan Kalyan has certainly sidelined RGV and the filmmaker has once again escaped.

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