Swachch Bharat Attack On Star Celebrities

By - May 04, 2018 - 02:15 PM IST

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There is no doubt that film personalities are considered to be larger than life personalities in our country and they are considered as role models. In this adulation, there have been instances wherein few faux pas from these celebrities were overlooked. Incidentally, the public tends to hesitate before pulling up a celebrity.

However, none of that worked in the state of Kerala which is known for its cleanliness. It is heard that recently the Tamil star Vijay had a shooting at Kovalam beach followed by the maverick Mani Ratnam’s shooting. After the two units did their work, the entire beach was filled with rubbish and trash left by both the movie teams.

This created a lot of inconvenience to the local people and they created a major ruckus. The news reached media and it became even bigger. Ultimately, both Vijay and Mani had to render apologies and reports say their teams are now cleaning up the whole mess they made. This Swachch Bharat attack is indeed commendable.

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