TV Channels Unity To Frighten Film Industry

By - May 04, 2018 - 12:11 PM IST

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The last few months have not been that great for the Telugu Film Industry thanks to the Sri Reddy issue which got enlarged exponentially thanks to the media support. This didn’t go well with the cine biggies and hence they wanted to ban few channels in particular and stop giving their ads or promotional stuff to them.

While that is yet to materialize, it appears the cine folks have not seen the other side of the coin. What if the TV channels come together and say they ban movie industry? That will be the biggest shock ever for the Cine folks. As such, the journalist union is much stronger than film unions and one journo works for two to three channels at times.

Overall, it is a tough game to fight with media and though some of the cine biggies are particular about it, this is going to be a losing battle. Of course, things will go beyond repair if the TV channels come together and decide they want to stay away from the industry. The coming days will give more clarity on this one.

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