Bigg Boss fame Hari Teja Abused In Theater

By - May 18, 2018 - 04:55 PM IST

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Actress Hari Teja who appeared on small screen in some popular serials was seen in the movie A Aa. After she appeared in Telugu reality show Bigg Boss, she became a very familiar person for the Telugu audience.

An incident which took place recently has made Hari Teja very emotional. Hari Teja had to face weird abuses from a lady when she went to watch the movie Mahanati along with her family. Hari Teja wanted to exchange a seat with her father in the middle of the movie.

A lady who was seated next to her insisted that Hari Teja's father could not sit beside them. She also called names and said that they were not like cinema people who sit beside random persons.

These comments made Hari Teja furious and she had an argument. Hari Teja who is emotionally upset over this, made a video and narrated the whole thing on live. She also feels that by spending 100 rupess, no one gets special rights to talk anything about film actors and artist. Seems like Hari Teja had a really bad experience. Hope she feels better and moves on.

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