Will Bigg Boss#2 Work On Telugu TVs?

By - May 18, 2018 - 04:32 PM IST

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The very concept of a reality show is to telecast what happens for real and this is one reason why these format of shows have become quite popular in India. True to that, the Bigg Boss show has become a sensational hit in the Hindi circuit. Last year, the same show got into the Telugu version and it garnered a massive TRP.

However, here comes the challenging part. The Bigg Boss which happens in Hindi is filled with bombshells, steamy lip lock sequences, bikini feasts and all sorts of adult stuff. However, that was never the case with the Telugu version. Now, the clock is ticking for the second edition of this reality show and one question is being raised.

Apparently, our Bigg Boss has not been so much into glamour or intimacy and the first edition got through despite all the issues. But, can the same happen again? Some of them are saying it is about time some bold stuff happens and that will create a strong hook factor. Natural Star Nani is expected to host this show so let us see what happens.


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