Theaters Looking Only For Small Films

By - May 20, 2018 - 12:57 PM IST

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A strong bond exists between a film and the theatre because the latter is what enables the film to show its mettle. In this regard, the theatre owners have a lot of demand. Now, it is heard that a new trend is being observed among the theatre owners in both the Telugu states. They are looking only for small films.

Apparently, those who wish to release small budget films give rents to theatres and they don’t talk shares. On the other hand, the big budget movies do that. The risk with the big movies is, if they are not good and get a flop talk on the first day, yet the theatre owners have to keep for one week due to the commitment given.

In this process, the other accessory businesses like Samosas, parking stands and other things do not make good business. The other benefit with small films is, a fixed rent will come and this means the basic revenue is guaranteed. And if the movie works the entire theatre would be harvesting a big reap. That’s the story folks!

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