Unrecognized Actress In Mahanati'

By - May 30, 2018 - 05:00 PM IST

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When a film becomes a super duper hit, it is obvious that almost every member of that project would get a fair share of recognition. In this process, they become celebrities and are remembered and recognized wherever they go. The recent release ‘Mahanati’ has given such type of limelight to many artists and crew members.

However, one actress went unrecognized. She is none other than Divyavani. Apparently, Divyavani played the role of Mother of Savitri and many didn’t recognize her in the film. As such, Rajendra Prasad’s wife was Bhanupriya in the film and her younger sister is Divyavani. Many years ago, Rajendra Prasad and Divyavani did ‘Pelli Pustakam‘ which became a big hit.

Though there is not much scope for their roles, even in that short frame Divyavani was not recognized as she had put on a fair share of weight and her face was puffed up. The final touch is, even the senior audience who would have seen Divyavani as a young heroine could not recognize her. Currently, Divyavani is busy acting in few TV serials.

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