Actress Trolled For Her Dressing During Ramadan

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Hindi actress and famous celebrity who got into limelight with the reality show Bigg Boss is regularly seen on TV shows, Serials, and programs. Hina Khan who is known for her bold statements while on Hindi Bigg Boss-11 is in controversies every now and then. There are a number of times Hina Khan was trolled by the netizens on social media platforms.

But, this time Hina Khan is trolled for no valid reason. Hina Khan uploaded a small dance video on her Instagram recently. She seems to be joyful as she groves for a peppy number. Hina Khan is seen wearing a black top with a glittery dress. Her attire seems to be 'revealing' to some followers and netizens.

Some religious fanatics also bashed her for wearing a revealing dress during the holy month of Ramadan. They came up with all suggestions not to wear such revealing dressing during the holy month. Some of them even suggested that to take off her sins, she has to fast during Ramadan.

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