Junior Manchu's Annapraasana Candid Moment

By - June 07, 2018 - 05:11 PM IST

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Parenthood is something which just boosts every positive angle within. Vishnu Manchu, the father of three children is always behind his little children and their adorable things. Vishnu takes pride in sharing some super cute things on his social media sites.

We know that Vishnu Manchu and his wife Veronica Manchu are blessed with a baby boy. Vishnu and Veronica, along with their family had organized a traditional ritual which the Telugu's perform with the newborns. Jr. Manchu- Mr. Avram Manchu had chosen a pen in the "Anna Praasana" function.

Vishnu Manchu, the happy father took to Twitter to share this adorable picture. He also wrote that he was happy that Avram held a pen in Anna Praasana, which resembles the kid's mom Veronica. Vishnu is seen holding his cute son, while the kiddo is being curious of the things around. Sisters Ariana and Viviana are seen adoring their little brother. 

"6th day of the 6th month since Avram was born. ‘Anna Pràsana’ today and he chose a Pen among a sword/Book/Money/Mangoes! Wow! A Pen! Following in his mother’s footsteps", the picture is quoted with.

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