Pawan Kalyan's Twitter Break

By - June 07, 2018 - 07:00 PM IST

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At a time when the political heat is picking up and power star Pawan Kalyan is getting seasoned to become a proper Neta, you might wonder why is he taking a break and going for a holiday, that too for a month. Well, the holiday we are talking about is not really a vacation but the break Pawan has taken from the social media.

Apparently, his twitter has been lying inactive for a month and his last tweet came exactly on May 7th. There is no tweet since then and many netizens are wondering why. As such, Pawan has been busy with his political tours but they are saying he should be having a team that is managing his social media presence.

Few political analysts are suggesting Pawan has a strong following among the youth and the best way to sustain them is to come up with something on the social media. By remaining silent for such long periods, Pawan is not able to generate that mileage. Let us wish he or his team takes the initiative and gets into active mode on Twitter again.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan is gaining support from the people, as his tours are being successful in creating a good impression. On the virtual side, Pawan needs expansion, but in reality, there are hopes pinned on a new leader, and Pawan Kalyan is expected to become their 'leader'. 

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