'Kaala' Director's Next With Dhanush?

By - June 08, 2018 - 12:56 PM IST

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As we keep following the graph of successful actors and experienced artists, we develop a confidence that their judgement about directors and stories would be fairly good. That faith brings us to theatres and when we see something amateur, our total hopes fall and we end up in despair and disappointment.

At a time like that, we cannot help but wonder how a star hero goes for a director who gives him a flop. The reason for all this discussion is the news about Tamil director Pa. Ranjith doing another movie with the Rajini family member. It is known that he came up with ‘Kabali’ and that ended up as a dud.

Now, Ranjith did ‘Kaala’ with Rajini and once again fans are not happy because it looked like an extension of ‘Kabali’ and nothing different to offer. Before they can come out of this grievance, there is a talk that Ranjith’s next is with Dhanush. It appears Ranjith has taken the whole family into his grip. They are not sure how he is mesmerising them but they are doing movies which is not a good sign.


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