EVV's 'Kompa Kolleru' Script Is Here

By - June 11, 2018 - 11:30 AM IST

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The best way to woo the Telugu audience to the theatres is to come up with a strong dose of comedy in the movies. From decades, the Telugus have patronized comedy in a big way and that also led to the rise of comedy stars like Rajendra Prasad, Allari Naresh and others. True to that, few filmmakers knew the exact pulse of the audience.

Top in that list is the late E V V Satyanarayana. He has come up with some of the most hilarious hits in the tinsel town. Now, it is heard that one of his old projects may see the light soon. Apparently, EVV had readied the script for a movie by name ‘Kompa Kolleru’ and when he was about to make it he passed away.

This was revealed by his son Allari Naresh. Buzz is that the script is with cartoonist, writer Tadi Balaram. He worked with EVV in many movies and even he shared about this project with his friends too during that time. This is an interesting topic and maybe it would be retweaked as per today’s taste and brought again with fun. Of course nobody can make it like EVV but the closest to him would be G Nageswara Reddy who has a good ability.

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