Mohan Babu Looking Younger Than Before

By - June 11, 2018 - 10:30 AM IST

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You might be having the best of lifestyle with the healthiest of diet and living but there is one thing you can never fight against, the element of ageing. This is the law of nature and when the time comes your grey hair comes out and your skin starts to fold. This is the biggest bane in the cinema industry especially for artists.

They are expected to look young and fresh at all times and their constant efforts are on that. However, some men are an exception. Recently, Collection King Mohan Babu was present at the event of the film ‘W/o Ram’. This was a pressmeet and those who saw him at the venue were in for a pleasant surprise.

Well, Mohan Babu looks much younger than before. His hair has grown well, skin tone is glowing and his look is also fresh. It is known that Mohan Babu doesn’t use makeup when he is not facing the camera so the cosmetic touch is ruled out. Many are now enquiring what is the secret behind this young look of this senior actor and how he achieved it.

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