PK Will Change The Game In Politics: Babu Gogineni

By - June 15, 2018 - 05:21 PM IST

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A few months ago, Humanist Babu Gogineni busted a fraud case online while on a live show in Television. Ever since that incident, Babu Gogineni is considered one of the most logical persons who gives valid opinions on random controversial subjects during TV debates. With his rational ideology and logical speaking, Babu Gogineni definitely became very famous soon.

Now that humanist Babu Gogineni is on the Bigg Boss show, it seems like his old videos are being dug. A latest video of Babu Gogineni is now viral and he is seen praising Pawan Kalyan in that video. Babu Gogineni told that he believes that Pawan Kalyan is definitely going to change the game plan of politics in Andhra Pradesh.

Babu Gogineni told in the interview that Pawan Kalyan is being very honest as a leader. "He has that ability to change the rotten scenario in today's politics. A leader will stay with people. Pawan Kalyan appears to be a leader, rather than a normal politician", Babu Gogineni said in the interview. Babu Gogineni is one the most hyped participants in Bigg Boss now. Must wait and see how he manages in the show.

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