Balayya's VV Vinayak Movie- AK-47!!

By - June 15, 2018 - 12:12 PM IST

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To those who have some knowledge about guns, they would know that AK 47 stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova in Russian and simply Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle in English. This is the same weapon that landed the Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt in soup and he ended up behind the bars for many years. Now, let us come to the headline.

You might be wondering whether Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna also has got an AK-47 with him but that is not so. What we are talking about is the title for Balayya’s new movie which is going to be helmed by Mass Nayak V V Vinayak. It is heard that the director has been brainstorming with his team to come up with a very powerful title.

Though nothing is confirmed, it is heard that Vinayak is considering ‘AK 47’ as one of the titles. The film is touted to be made on faction backdrop and the shooting will commence soon. Meanwhile, Nandamuri fans are quite thrilled with this title and feel it is apt. Only time will reveal whether it is going to be ‘AK 47’ for Balayya or not.

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