Words Of Wisdom From Talented Beauty

By - June 15, 2018 - 11:46 AM IST

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There has been some grumbling among the local beauties in the Telugu Film Industry as to why the Filmnagar folks have to rush to Mumbai to get their heroines. Today, it is those girls who rule the roost in Tollywood and few of them have established their bases here. The general allegation is, the Mumbai girls are ready for any dose of glamour and they are sexy.

Well, this is a wrong perception. One of the main reasons why these girls are chosen is for their maturity and sensibility. The classic example to that is Kiara Advani. She is just one film old in Telugu and recently she was sharing her thoughts with the media when she revealed how one has to survive in the industry.

Kiara reportedly mentioned how one needs to have the right kind of talent and must give his/her best in what they do and that would bring the required opportunities and recognition. She maintained this would give a longer inning in the industry. This is the fundamental clarity the aspiring beauties should have and rest would be easy

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