Heroines Afraid Of Chicago Sex Racket

By - June 22, 2018 - 01:22 PM IST

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There is no doubt that social media is a very important tool and it has revolutionized the way people think and lead their life. The sad part is, not all are matured enough to decipher the authenticity of the information being shared and this leads to various complications. Taking advantage of this, many crooked minds resort to cheap tactics.

It is known news that the Chicago Sex Racket is currently creating another embarrassing situation for the Telugu Film Industry. The report filed by the US based Federal authorities has revealed there are six actresses who were involved in this issue. With this, wild speculations began making rounds as to who are those 6.

Thanks to the criminal negativity of few people, the names of six actresses are currently making rounds in the internet and it is speculated as the final list. As a result, all those six heroines are worried it would be believed as true. While it is going to take a while before truth comes out, till such time, the names making rounds have to endure trauma. What a shame!

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