Top Hero's Countless Sexual Affairs

By - June 22, 2018 - 01:53 PM IST

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Once you become a hero you are bound to get flocked by fans and especially girls. And if you are a successful hero with a rather macho image, this count grows exponentially. The byproduct of that is various encounters and flings which cannot be counted. While that is natural, what is unnatural is the number of people you slept with.

There is no hero who has ever proclaimed the count of his encounters but one biopic is going to give a hardcore fact. We are talking about the Bollywood flick ‘Sanju’ which is the biopic on the deadly Sanjay Dutt. Recently one teaser has come out wherein one of the dialogues reveals Sanju Baba has slept with nearly 350 women.

Mind you, this is just an approximate number and the list includes regular girls, actresses, prostitutes and what not. More than who or what, all are bewildered as to how could Sanju be bold enough to make such a revelation. On the other side, few men are envying Sanju as to how he could get so many girls and how he managed them.

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